Amateur genealogists may use any part of the information presented
on this site for their personal research purposes, provided this site is
credited as the source, and my -e-mail address is included,the source
reference is specified per item and not as a general reference.

Every individual has an internal reference code (the MY code).
This code should be included in the source reference.

Copying information into a database, that does not serve personal
genealogical research, even if non-commercial and with general
source reference to my website only-(not "per item")-is strictly forbidden.

Any use of this material for commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited.

Through unscrupulous and unethical conduct data from my site have found
their way to some other websites, by copying my research results without my
consent and showing only flimsy source reference, if at all. I bear no responsibility
whatsoever for these piratical "mirror sites", they should be avoided and not be used.