RO MOGENDORFF-Drawing Artist/Painter-A famous and talented Mogendorff
(short biographical notes)

   The Frankforts of Overijssel-back to Rashi ?

The story of the descendancy of the FRANKFORTs-through Rabbi Jehuda Ashkenazi of Tyctin-from the TREVISH rabbinical dynasty going back to the early Middle Ages, and, hopefully, to Rashi.

I take pride in the fact, that the FRANKFORT genealogy reflects the continuance of the famous TREVISH rabbinical dynasty in the Netherlands and among "Dutch" Israelis.

I did not establish-nor has it been brought to my knowledge-that there are other representatives of the Trevish descendancy in the Netherlands or among the Dutch, but if I am wrong,we shall gladly share the honour.

  NOACH-what's in a name(or isn't) ?

About names in the NOACH family-Notes and questionmarks.

A small paragraph about Dutch Jewish NOACHs(once NOAGs) who are not related and you shouldn't look for on this site, has been added to the subpage on the subject of the NOACH name.

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